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Climate, Flora & Fauna


Climate of Curaçao


Curaçao is located in the tropics merely 120 north of Equator and has a typical Caribbean climate. It enjoys warm and sunny weather throughout the year with the temperature ranging around 270. The nights do not get much cooler than the day.

Compared to the other Caribbean islands, Curaçao is reasonably dry and less tropical. Being in the south of the Caribbean Islands, Curaçao is positioned outside the hurricane belt. Therefore it enjoys refreshing trade winds that blows from the east during the spring season making the weather moderate during day time. The rainy season is between October and February marked by occasional short but heavy showers during the night while the days continue to remain sunny. Sporadic tropical storm in other parts of the Caribbean islands can cause the weather to be cloudy for a day or two.


Flora of Curaçao


Curaçao is a sub-tropical & semi-arid island in Netherlands Antilles & does not support much of greenery and animal life. The flora and fauna found in Curaçao can survive these weather conditions.

Cactus is the most commonly found plant in Curaçao with numerous species can be spotted in the island. The Kadushi cactus is a multi-trunk tree with several needles. The Datu cactus is tall and can go up to 30 ft but has fewer needles. It is often used to make fences. Most of the island is covered with these two cacti. Turk’s Cap cactus, Acacia bushes, Aloe Vera and many disheveled trees bushes are abundant all over the island. The Divi Divi Tree, the famous leaning tree of the ABC Islands, is also found here. The tree is always points towards west due to years of exposure to the trade winds blowing east to west.


The other plant species found in Curaçao are diverse variety of palms, an evergreen tree called Wayaca, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Poinsettia, Allamanda, Flamboyant and Oleander. The poisonous tree, Manzania known as Manchineel in some parts of Caribbean Islands, is also found in Curaçao The tree with rough dark bark and small green leaves has poisonous fruits and sap, which can cause skin burns if touched.



Fauna of Curaçao

The species of mammals, birds and lizards associated with rainforests are found in Curaçao along with numerous species of avifauna.Hummingbirds, Bananaquits, Orioles, Terns, Herons, Egrets, Flamingoes and Mockingbird called ,Chuchubi in Papiamentu, can be spotted there.The most common bird in the islands is the Trupial, a black bird with bright orange abdomen and white lines on its wings.

The other seabirds found along the coastal line of Curaçao are the Pelicans, Gulls and Cormorants. Field Mice, Small Rabbits and Cave Bats are among the most commonly found mammals in Curaçao But the most prominent animal of the island is the White-Tailed Deer found particularly at the West End’s Christoffel Park. It is protected specie and is related to the Virginia Deer found in North America. The west end of the island has become the breeding place for the sea turtles protected by the park